A Non-Profit, Parent Cooperative School

WELCOME! At Oconomowoc Nursery School, we believe that children learn much of what they need to know through play balanced with academics. The school provides an environment where a sense of wonder can flourish and where order and predictability are balanced by flexibility and freedom to experiment with social skills learned at your child's comfort level.

Oconomowoc Nursery School is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nondiscrimination cooperative preschool licensed by the State of Wisconsin.  We are maintained by our parents and administered by a Board of Directors selected from the school membership.  Today at Oconomowoc Nursery School we have two degreed teachers and approximately 65 families.  

Our small class sizes and nurturing teaching style enriches early childhood development through guidance and social interaction.  We offer classes for 2 1/2K and 3K students!

2016/2017 Announcements!


September  - Board Meeting at ONS at 6:00PM

September  - Committee Meeting at ONS at 6:30PM

September  - FIRST DAY 2K

September  - FIRST DAY T/TH 3K!

September  - FIRST DAY M/W 3K!